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From architect to Jewelry Designer

Today, I imagine, transform, I create sculpture, jewelry, and I collaborate with designers and brands in the fashion world.

I set bronze against gold.

Its luster, to the elegant imperfection of oxidation.

I create the form of aesthetics, surpassing the classical artistic standards.

I realize the perfection of elegance with character.

I allow the woman to merge with the material, creating a new aesthetic symbiosis.

Evolution of the form


The bond with the territory is a very important aspect for Miriam’s work.

Her art comes to life in Umbria, a region of historical and artistic value among the most important in the world. 

Her laboratory is part of an innovative Campus, where you “breathe” the avant-guarde character, feeding new creative visions into the elaboration of the new bronze jewelry collections.

It’s energetically independent, to emphasize the artist’s close link with nature, materials, life.